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Regulus A. Black
04 September 2006 @ 01:05 am
The slim figure of Regulus stepped into the Slytherin Common Room with caution, his left foot leading at a gauged pace. His expression was neutral as he made his way around the obstacles of the space, both those of an animate nature and those without life, without incident. The young Black's passage was unremarkable as his lower limbs allowed him to glide away from the last isolated group of occupied younger boys and toward his unexpectedly common destination.

Black's fine shoulders tensed invisibly for an immeasurably short period of time beneath his decidedly well-tailored robes before he stretched out a fine-boned hand for the protruberant handle of the door before him. Carefully he turned it, his robes twisting slightly around the upper arm as a result of a relatively stiff nature. Regulus entered the fifth year ladies dormitory without additional pause, his visage one of studied disinterest.
Regulus A. Black
26 August 2006 @ 12:02 pm
Regulus' feet were firmly planted on the deeply stained hardwood floor as his mother entered the dining room where he had recently completed consuming the customary meal of the morning. His forlorn plate rested on the table, isolated from all but the utensils with which it had been stripped of edible elements. Regulus' jaw moved, as if he meant to vocalize something - but the snap of her fingers broke the silence into uncomfortable fragments. The young Black made his careful way out of the poorly lit room as a house elf answered the inexorable call of servitude.

A number of controlled steps took the young Slytherin up the staircase without triggering any of the telltale creaking noises that certain aged areas were prone to generating under the slightest pressure. His face was a veritable study in inscrutible expression as he glanced over to the closed portal to Sirius' room. Nevertheless, Regulus' shoulders were bowed ever so slightly as he opened the panel leading to his bedroom and secreted himself within.
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
31 July 2006 @ 01:25 am
The immediate future seems like a long stretch of inactivity from my vantage point, to wit, the present. Currently my brother is visiting with Remus, and my parents are planning to leave for a brief trip tomorrow, possibly before I wake to the dawn. I'll be alone in Grimmauld Place, and thus I really don't expect any significant intellectual or active engagement in the coming days. Perhaps I will work upon some projects I've been delaying. My school work, however, is finished in an absolute sense.

Any suggestions for the usage of my time would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, what are all of you planning?
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
19 July 2006 @ 01:54 am
Regulus woke at number twelve Grimmauld Place to the refreshing and unmistakable sound of tense parental conversation conducted at a volume somewhere between normally dull speech and the kind of outburst usually reserved for Sirius. The room was already uncomfortably warm as the raven-haired boy slid out from under the thin coverlet and began to fish in a nearby dresser of aged dark wood for some sort of clothing to cover his absurdly sweaty body. He finally settled upon a standard Hogwart's outfit, with a very thin grey shirt filling out the ensemble.

The young Black slid past the room allotted to his brother without making any great noise, one hand lightly supporting his still sluggish frame along the wall. He disembarked from the stair case with a further lack of incident and made his stealthy way to the dining room, though the distinct lack of food scents made it highly unlikely that any consumables were available.

Regulus gazed into the distance, the shadowed contours of his jawline betraying his failure to shave. Absently he rubbed at his chin with one hand as the other stretched down languidly to grasp the Daily Prophet.

The mask dissolved into curiosity at the headline, then into something of quite another nature upon perusal of the front page article.

”Surely not- I just discussed books with him not long ago. Why-”

Regulus’ knees kindly allowed him to sink into one of the rough high-back chairs, the article held before him. His face seemed almost reduced to the classical shade of egg whites as he continued to read, intent eyes gleaning every detail from the ink and paper even as his face returned to harsh immobility.
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
17 July 2006 @ 01:47 am
Regulus' shoe tapped lightly upon the clean-swept floor to an oddly inaudible beat. The young Black stood just inside the closed aperture leading out of his parent's home, facing the extensive if obscured interior of the building - though not seeing it. His eyes were distant and unfocused as they stared out of an immobile mask.

"Waiting is only of value when one has something to use the time for."

The words were pronounced lightly, almost to the lips which uttered them. The straightened collar of Regulus' day robes accented them with a similarly shaped line of green trim along the edge.
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
13 July 2006 @ 01:58 am
The slim figure of Regulus stood unnaturally still before a solid wooden panel door, the pads of his fingertips almost touching the rough-hewn surface. His countance seemed devoid of expression, though upon uncomfortably close examination a small hint of something shined out through his eyes, shattering the well-maintained illusion of stolid neutrality.

Decorously the boy's lip curved up as he closed his eyes and brought his hand against the panel twice, first flat and soft, then curled into a more forceful fist.
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
11 July 2006 @ 12:36 am
I really must state the fact that I've been reading excessively this break. Nothing of literary merit, however, mostly a number of historical texts and class preparation books. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? I'm up for almost all genres of fiction, provided I know what the book may contain in a general sense before perusing it.
Current Location: Grimmauld Place
Regulus A. Black
14 June 2006 @ 11:35 pm
A smooth piece of stone danced an elegantly erratic path across the nearly still waters, disappearing into the darkness as it fled the artificial glory cast by the distant castle windows. The figure of the younger Black was outlined with reflected rays as he rose lazily to his feet and moved back from the thin band of shore that surrounded the lake.

The snap of a twig in the obscuring underbrush made Regulus turn, his hand reaching instictively inside his robes to draw out a defensively held wand as his eyes raked the low growth. A minor twitch at the corner of his mouth indicated some less than common emotion as he slowly loosened up, stepping back further with two reversed paces. He sank to the ground, his knees barely touching the declining slope of earth as his left hand returned the seemingly unnecessary wand to the upper inner folds of his clothing.
Current Location: Lake, Shore
Regulus A. Black
11 June 2006 @ 09:35 pm
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Regulus A. Black
03 June 2006 @ 09:55 pm
A dark-haired figure sat hunched over a table at the back of the library, evidently focused on the small scrap of parchment before him. Regulus dashed off the last few words with a flourish, stuffing a quill and partially emptied vial of ink into his bag with decided haste. With imperceptibly increased caution, his left hand tucked the scrap of writing deep within the front of his robes with an almost obscene force.

Turning on a light heel, the younger Black began to make his way toward the entrance of the room, skirting a number of other students milling about each other in a near-herd. His face shadowed as a result of a downcast angle, Regulus made an abrupt return to his seat. Sitting once more with an audible thump, he dropped the servicable tan bag back to the floor and drew the scrap out from the neck of his robes. A diminutive crushed square covered in his concise scrawl lay open in his hand as, apparently, he read it once more, his brows furrowed in fair approximation of a lesser canyon.
Current Location: Library